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Durebang Foods Inc.
2081-73, Sunam-ro, Geochang-eup, Geochang-gun, Gyeongsangnam-do 670-801 Korea
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Jin-chil Kim , President

Durebang Foods Inc.
Korean Traditional Drink

Durebang Shik-Hye Making

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Durebang Shik-Hye Making

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Durebang Shik-Hye Making

  • With Durebang Shik-Hye Making, even kindergartener can make shik-hye easily.
  • Durebang Shik-Hye Making is made by putting troublesome manufacturing process and cooking recipe of shik-hye together.
  • With only an electrical rice cooker, you can make shik-hye.
    Put boiled rice along with water and Durebang Shik-Hye Making into the cooker and just wait for it to ferment for about 8 hours and then you can enjoy Korean traditional shik-hye.
  • You can also make small amount of shik-hye with cold rice or left over rice.
  • Shik-hye will neither spoil nor go rotten and will not be changed in color during its manufacturing process.
    Any enzyme, preservative and pigment are never used.
    You can make fusion shik-hye such as traditional shik-hye, green tea shik-hye, pine tree leaves shik-hye, ginseng shik-hye, youngi shik-hye and choco shik-hye.
  • This shik-hye will be containing heart and grace of manufacturers including housewives.

Technologies and Certifications

  1. Patent Number 0283690
  2. Product packed in convenient Tea bag for cooking.
  3. Product made by concentrated fermentation in order that enzyme in malt is not lost.
  4. Product seasoned with traditional shik-hye taste.
  5. Hygienic processing

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